# Anti-Cheat and You - yes we stole this elegant name from ozfortress

# Why is this a thing?

If it is somehow not immediately obvious, complaining about a potential "cheater" will only make this potential "cheater" much harder for the Anti-Cheat team to catch and remove from our league. Furthermore, complaining about X player who you believe is cheating, just because you lost to them in MGE or got outplayed in a scrim, doesn't mean you then need to broadcast that to your friends, teams and the wider community. Not only can that damage that players' reputation, you could potentially endanger Anti-Cheat investigations.

# Expectations when correctly submitting an Anti-Cheat report

So, let us make it clear now what we expect in an Anti-Cheat report, and what we expect from you after you submit the report.

The general process is something like this:

  1. Stumble across the suspect player
  2. Download the STV of the suspect and review it by yourself or with a few other people
  3. Do not talk about the suspect outside of this small group
  4. Found something? Write it down along with the tick it happened at, with your best description on what you believe you saw
  5. Submit it to our discord bot Alfred. This process is simple, message the bot, wait for a staff member to tell you your newly created ticket has been moved to our internal Anti-Cheat category.
  6. Submit new evidence if you happen to get any, but do not go and antagonize or otherwise contact the suspect for ANY reason. All evidence on your part should be collected without interacting with the suspect.
  7. This is the end of the process for you. The Anti-Cheat team will begin to review and further investigate your submission. From here, you are not to interact with the suspect, or discuss your submission outside of the ticket, with anyone or for any reason.

Failure to follow this procedure correctly will incur infraction penalties or worse.

Last Updated: 5/30/2021, 6:45:34 PM