# Community Guidelines

# Vision

The Respawn League is a community with openness and equality at the forefront of every decision. We believe that we can have a vibrant and fun community without compromising on behaviour, belief or opinion.

# Expectations

# Common Sense & Decency

This should be pretty obvious, but being a decent human being and making use of some semblance of common sense will get you far in most things, same applies here.

# Guideline Amendments

As with our Competitive Ruleset, any amendment or change can be made without warning for prior knowledge and can be actioned immediately, as an administrative team we reserve that right to uphold the integrity of our community and competitive play within our league.

# Staff Direction

This one should be pretty simple to understand, adhere to any and all directions from Respawn League staff members.

# Misconduct

Here you will find the types of inappropriate conduct Respawn can act upon. This is not an exhaustive list, and more points of misconduct can be added later.

# Harassment & Threats

Harassment of an individual, minority or group regardless of intent is prohibited.

Threats of violence, harassment or sharing private identifiable information of a person or group without the consent of those entities are strictly prohibited.

# Illegal Content

Material that contains anything listed below will see you immediately removed from our community and services:

  • Pornographic material
  • Sexually suggestive content
  • Content containing minors without proper usage permissions or otherwise illegal content containing minors
  • Violence or shock material (gore, death, etc)
  • Scam or virus links

# Political Posting

Political views, opinions or content on our platforms will be immediately removed upon notification and is strictly prohibited.

# Discrimination

Discriminating against others by; race, sex, physical appearance, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or identity is strictly prohibited.

# Service Exploitation

Exploiting a Respawn League service for any use outside of its intended operation will see you barred from using our services permanently.

# Jurisdiction

Upholding the integrity of our community throughout our services is crucial. We hold every individual or group within our community to both our vision and guidelines across our services and beyond. This part of our guidelines documentation aims to outline the somewhat obscured line of jurisdiction when resolving poor behaviour, disputes and harassment.

# Respawn League Services

As both a league and a service provider, we hold the right to police our social platforms in accordance with pre-existing platform behaviour policies in place for those services.

With this in mind, it is important we outline what our services are:

  • Discord
  • Twitter
  • Steam group
  • Youtube

# Our Reach

Information, poor behaviour or harassment in a public space from members of our community regardless of whether it happened on one of our social platforms can be acted upon by Respawn.

Information, poor behaviour or harassment in a private space from members of our community can only be acted upon when reported, and for these scenarios we reserve the right to judge whether or not this is actionable.

# Infractions

Penalties for the misconduct outlined in our Community Guidelines are handled via our Infractions system. All punishments, point amounts and other info can be found on our Infractions page.

Last Updated: 10/13/2020, 9:37:20 PM