# Patreon Support

# Our Tiers

You will always be able to find the most updated information regarding our Patreon tiers and their benefits on our Patreon page. We are always working to refine and expand on the benefits listed there, and will endeavour to do our best to make sure subscribers are aware via our Discord!

Many think our Patreon is purely just for extra Mumble server benefits. While that is a large part of the benefits at the moment, by suscribing on Patreon you get access to an exclusive area in our Discord where we discuss tournament related news and other announcements!

# Linking your Discord to Patreon

We don't provide an in-depth guide as to how to do this, as most should be able to figure it out these days. If you are unsure on how to link your Discord account, see Patreon's guide on the linking process.

NOTE: To receive the Discord related benefits, you will need to have your Discord linked!

Last Updated: 1/23/2021, 3:11:12 AM