# General Information

The Respawn League enforces a set of Competitive and Community rulesets to uphold the standards and vision of our league. In the past, this has been done purely by referencing our rulesets and determining the punishment. This method of administering has been called into question in the past, so we feel implementing a public facing system that properly outlines what common misbehaviours and grievances can be punished, is essential.

Infraction Points are given in amounts depending on the offence and tier. Each individual begins with 0 Infraction Points, with the expiration of points depending on the tier of punishment. All bans have differing levels of punishment, duration and expiration depending on the infractions that can be issued and their corresponding rule.

This page is deliberately light on details for each Infraction Tier / Offense, as ultimately the decision will always be made by League Administrators, who will deem where an offense sits. These bans exclude users from the following services:

# Competitive

  • League Play
  • Tournament Play
  • Being a Mercenary

# Community

  • Our Discord
  • Other Social Medias if necessary
  • Respawn Events

We reserve the right to infract or ban a user outside of the below offences, typically to cover a scenario outside of what is covered here.

# Ban Levels

  1. 60 points = 3 round match ban
  2. 90 points = 1 year Community Ban and a 6 month Competitive Ban
  3. 120 points = 2 year Community Ban and a 12 month Competitive Ban

When a user’s punishment is being rendered, the amount of times they committed the offence is taken into consideration, and multiplies the amount of Infraction Points added. Each instance

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