# Account Usage

# Alternate Accounts

Use of alternative accounts is prohibited. If you need to have your account switched, a review process will begin. You will need to contact the staff team to start this. If you are found using an alternate account to cheat anywhere or are using a separate league account with a different Steam account, you will immediately be removed from the league, with a repeat offence resulting in a permanent league ban.

# Sharing

Usage of your account by another party in an official match is restricted. Sharing an account will result in all players involved to be punished equally. We consider this as a form of cheating, no aliasing or use of an alternate account; therefore, punishment rendered will be more severe. We ask players who live in the same housing to contact us, so mistakes regarding account sharing do not occur.

# Impersonation

Aliasing as other players with the intent to mislead or have malicious intent upon others will result in a punishment determined by the staff team at the current time. The base-level penalty is immediate removal from the current season. Impersonating a league administrator of any league will result in an immediate ban.

Last Updated: 9/9/2020, 11:53:22 PM