# Class Restrictions

From time to time, we will instate Class Restrictions on particular players playing in lower divisions. This system works much like the existing systems found in ozfortress or elsewhere, but we make a point of only restricting a few classes at the most, typically only one or two. If you are restricted off of a class, this means you will not be able to play it for that season. You can appeal the restriction after the first week or two of official matches via your division administrators. They will be able to make a much better-informed decision after this period than prior to the season.

We also reserve the right to restrict classes for players being transferred mid-season in the interest of keeping lower division competition more fair.

# Gamemode Class Limits

Highlander runs on a maximum of one person per class. Scout is set to unlimited to allow for players to swap around classes without switching to spec.

  • 1 - Scout (set to unlimited for players to swap classes if needed)
  • 1 - Soldier
  • 1 - Pyros
  • 1 - Demoman
  • 1 - Heavy
  • 1 - Engineer
  • 1 - Medic
  • 1 - Sniper
  • 1 - Spy
Last Updated: 5/2/2021, 4:23:14 AM