# Exploits

The intention of exploiting any aspect of the game for an unfair advantage, whether they are explicitly listed or not, is prohibited. We consider there to be two categories of exploits; Game Modification exploits and Game Mechanic exploits. We make this separation between exploits by judging their level of severity. Below you can find two lists that show the scope of each category and some existing exploits listed categorically:

# Game Modification / client exploitation

This is commonly treated akin to cheating, as it is direct game file manipulation to gain an unfair advantage.

  • Using scripts/macros that allow you to bypass movement or engine restrictions
  • Other scripts that disrupt hitboxes or gameplay, including but not limited to interpolation switchers, hud_reloadscheme stutters, or anything that causes a networked load on other clients or your own
  • Sound based exploits (spy decloak modifiers, footstep modifiers, etc)

# Game Mechanic exploitation

  • Placing the Engineer’s buildings outside of the map, in indestructible locations or anywhere where it is not visible
  • Edge bugging/pixel glitching of any kind
  • Exploiting the map design to enter areas that aren’t regular gameplay, for any means or use
  • Map based exploits (water jump scoping, etc)

If you are unsure that something is considered an exploit, please contact the staff team and request a ruling to be made.

Last Updated: 5/23/2021, 5:09:12 PM