# Forfeits

# Win / Loss

Breaching the rules during a match, or failing to organise your match with the other team will result in your team forfeiting the match. A forfeit can be claimed if one team has been readied up for 15 minutes and has 9 players on the readied team. The 15 minutes stated must be consecutive. If a server is not provided by the home team(or the away team if otherwise agreed upon) within 5 minutes of the scheduled match time a forfeit can be claimed. Issues outside of player control will be considered if required. Any and all forms of forfeit wins require evidence, chat logs or screenshots to support this. We ask that you maintain the use of match pages, and keep any and all essential details posted in there. The affected team will receive the same points as a standard win, the offending team will receive a 2 point penalty, which can only be overruled on request with sufficient evidence and means.

# Mutual

The only form of mutual forfeit accepted is if both teams are unable to make a match time in that week, or if nothing is organised by either team after an intervention. Mutual forfeits of this nature will result in removal from the league for the remainder of the current season.

# Punishments

# Forfeits

Mutual and loss forfeits add up towards a forfeit punishment. Both types of forfeits equally count as 1 forfeit loss. The main punishment for this type of offence will be the disqualification and removal from the current season, and will not receive a medal. Further punishments for this type of offence will be outlined in the criteria below.

# Early Forfeits

Early forfeits in the first week of regular-season matches. If a team forfeits the first match of the season, their captain/s will be subject to infractions.

# Total Forfeits

Total forfeits count as the entire amount of forfeits a team has taken throughout the season. Upon the third forfeit, a team will be disqualified and removed from the league, with the Team Owner receiving a season-long Captaincy Ban.

# Playoffs and Grand Finals Forfeits

Unless a team has withdrawn from playoffs, they are expected to play all scheduled games. If a team forfeits from playoffs, they may be subject to removal from the current season, loss of badges, and a captaincy ban for the captain/s.

Last Updated: 9/10/2020, 1:15:06 AM