# Mercenaries

Mercenaries(Mercs) are considered players that are not on the active roster of a team at the time of the match being played. Eligible Mercenaries require a league account, and cannot have any active bans in the league. Mercenaries cannot be banned by Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC).

A maximum of two Mercenaries are allowed per match, but you cannot use the same Mercenary in more than three official games.

Communicate the wanted use of mercs to the other team’s captain at least an hour prior to the official match time where possible. Mercs MUST be allowed by the enemy captain before they can be used in a game. Captains have the right to deny unreasonable mercs.

Contact a staff member if you feel your mercs are being unreasonably denied and a staff member can step in to make a final decision. You are required to put a Steam profile link or league account name in the match communications for any allowed mercs.