# Miscellaneous

# Rule Changes

All rules are subject to change at any time. Changes can include entire rule additions or amendments to existing regulations. Ignorance of any or all of the rules is not innocence; you must abide by all rules and fixtures. Failure to do so can incur different levels of penalties and punishments.

# Administration

All Administrators are an extension of the league. They reserve the right to make rules changes that may not be documented here, to further the league and problem solve. If you feel that a member of our admin team has wronged you in any way, feel free to bring it up with the Head Administrator.

# Casting

# Approved Casting Organisations

KritzKast & CappingTV are the only approved casting organisation. Other organisations need to seek approval from the staff team.

Only Approved Casting Organisations can freely schedule and cast official matches. Any un-approved casting entity (even if allowed to schedule and cast a match) will have an administrator assigned to set up the event.

# Player Aliases

Any match coverage from an Approved Casting Organisation requires all players present to be using either their recognizable alias or the alias on their RSL account. Players found not using their correct alias will be subject to punishment after an initial warning.

Last Updated: 10/13/2020, 9:37:20 PM