# Season Structure

Regular Season The regular-season runs for 7 rounds and uses the swiss system for Main, and round-robin for Premier. Each game consists of two maps which are determined at the start of each season and played as a Best of 1 Half scenario. Rounds are to be played between Monday and Friday for AU/NZ, with the default time being Friday at 8:00PM AEST(GMT+10). For ASIA rounds are to be played between Wednesday and Sunday, with the default time being Saturday at 9:00PM SGT(GMT+8).

# Playoffs

The top 4 teams of each division will proceed to playoffs. Playoffs will run over a 3 week period, with each game being a best of 3 maps. Playoffs are run under the page playoff system, and each map should be played as a Best of 3 Halve scenario, or more commonly known as ABBA. If a team who makes playoffs wishes to withdraw from playoffs, you can do so by contacting a league admin and be removed without punishment. Contact must be made prior to the confirmation date for the first week of playoffs. Once a team has withdrawn from playoffs they cannot be added again and will receive a participation badge at the end of the season.

# Season Break

There is a 3-6 week break between seasons to allow necessary changes to be made to better the league and to provide players and teams time to practice or make necessary changes.

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