# Team Responsibilities

Team captains are responsible for organising games for their team, and communicating with admins when needed. If a team captain isn’t available for a period of time, designate someone to act in their stead with admins when required. If a team feels their current captain isn’t correctly representing their team or managing it, a majority of the core roster(players regularly playing official matches) are able to apply for a mutiny. Contact a staff member for further questions.

Within a match the following teams take on the following responsibilities:

# Home

  • Acquiring a server for the match to be played on
  • Passing server details to the other team

# Home & Away

  • Negotiating and confirming the match date and time
  • Ensuring the server is properly configured (config is executed) prior to readying up
  • Posting all match details in the Match Comms page including scores, mercenaries, and logs
  • Notifying staff of disputes/rule-breaking
  • Maintaining a minimum of 7 players in the game server at all times
  • Reporting and confirming the score after the game has finished
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